Web Services for Small Business and Non-Profit Organizations

"Take Control of Your Small Business/Organization Website"

The Typical Locked in Website

Most website developers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are in business to provide websites to their customers as a black box. This way their customers are dependent to them for managing and maintaining their websites, and domain names. Typically once you sign up with a web vendor you are stuck unless you want to start all over again with a new domain name and website.

Do-It-Yourself websites are not any better. If you develop your website on one of the Do-It-Yourself sites, it is almost impossible to move to another host or site. Like the ISP sites or web developers, once you sign up your stuck. Just try and move your website and domain.

How about a Better Approach

Smarter Process approaches website development as a service to our customers, where the customers are in control of their domain name and website. In this website we provide you information on how websites work and what it takes to have control over your own domain and website without being at the mercy of your ISP, web developer, or do-it-yourself site.

Smarter Process can provide you full services for your website, or allow you to take control of your domain name and website. Or if you wish, Smarter Process will give you information on how to develop your own website from getting a domain name, creating and managing a website, or even help you move it somewhere else. We can even give you help on hosting your website on your own personal computer at your location.

Whether Smarter Process or you fully manage your website, or some combination in between, you can feel more comfortable in understanding how your website works and that you are in control and can move or make changes at anytime.

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